I apologize on behalf of the club for notice that the 1st Quarter RV Soul was available on the club website. At one time we had an automated system that sent out notices to those who wanted it and it has stopped working and went unnoticed by me until some members called me and told me they were not receiving notice anymore when the magazine was available to read or download. I will make sure that when the next issue, which is due out the first half of July, that this notification function is working again.

One thing I do want to notify members of is the Elkhart July rally still has some registrations available and also a very few registration are still available for the Camp Freightliner being taught at the rally site.

I will be attending the FMCA rally in Indy and then our Elkhart rally in July, I hope to some of you at one of them.


Steve Batorson

President FCOC