Fellow members,

If you have ordered merchandise from our online store, or have plans to do so in the near future, you will receive a confirmation of the quantity and price for each item ordered shortly after you complete your purchase.

Be aware that our Club is not Amazon or Walmart, we are a volunteer organization of your fellow members. Our officers carry our merchandise in their compartments in their motorcoaches and/or have the inventory stored at their home base. Like many of you, they travel extensively during the summer and fall months. It is not always convenient for them to get all the inventory out of the compartments (realizing that many of the boxes are in the center of the compartments so their everyday items can be accessed) or return home, so it may take longer to ship the items that you have paid for during this timeframe.

If you are attending one of our rallies soon, you can purchase most of the online items at the rally and save the shipping costs.

If you still wish to purchase the items from the online store, we will do our best to fulfill and ship the items you have ordered as soon as possible.

Since our online store is not integrated with our inventory, there may be some items that are out of stock at the time your order is fulfilled. You will receive a refund on those items shortly after we ship your order.

Thanks for your understanding, 

James Peek

President, FCOC