Vidalia Louisiana Rally at Riverview RV Park

Time is running out to register for the Vidalia rally. There are less than three weeks left until the cutoff date of February 20, 2023. We have learned that in addition to instructor Bobby Wayne Scruggs there will be a chassis technician from Freightliner on hand to assist in answering questions and helping with minor repairs etc. on your coach. Additionally, please consider going on the tour of two Antebellum houses and of the grand city of Natchez MS for the low additional price of $65.00 per person. As an added bonus the azaleas should be in bloom during the time we are there. Camp Freightliner is on a waiting list basis and there are only approximately thirty openings left for the rally, so please don’t hesitate on signing up.

If you have any questions please contact Steve Jeanneret at 785-220-8673 or Roy Hopper at 772-559-3522.

Click here to learn more and sign up!