Yuma Arizona spring rally

     Time is running out to sign up for the FCOC Area rally in Yuma Arizona. Dates are April 2 – April 6. Please don’t hesitate and miss out on the fun and educational activities that will be offered at the event. Co-host Steve Batorson will be presenting a seminar on the Freightliner Chassis similar to what is done at the national rallies. As anyone who knows Steve can testify, his knowledge of the workings of the chassis is immense. Additionally, experienced  host Tom James will make sure that there are no dull moments at the rally. RV World is bringing six coaches built on  Freightliner chassis to view and yes you can purchase one if you wish. They are also sponsoring lunch one day. Wayne Scruggs from Freightliner Custom Chassis will also be present for a few days, and you can always explore the many exciting venues in the Yuma area. There are limited spots left so don’t be left out. Sign up today. If you have any questions, contact Tom James Rally Master at tomjames1936@yahoo.com (916 870 9322) 

Click here for more information or to register.