While about a week ago, we sent out a notice that this rally was still scheduled, most of you realize today the situation with the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus has changed substantially. As a result, several of our key vendors (Freightliner, Cummins, etc.) that were to attend this rally have imposed restrictions on employee travel. This restriction prevents them from participating in the rally. For many members, this is a primary reason to attend.  The age group for rally participants is also of concern as many are in the over 60 population. Social distancing is difficult if not impossible at one of our rallies and the risk of community-spread is now considered too high to take a chance.

Our club treasurer will issue refunds of the rally fee to all currently registered rally participants in the form of a check to be sent in the mail. If your postal address is still the same as on your registration form, no action on your part is necessary. If you wish your refund to be sent to a different address, contact the Treasurer by email (treasurer@fcocrv.org) immediately.

If you have contacted the campground to reserve extra nights either before or after the dates included with the rally, you will need to contact them directly (1-866-477-6154) to make any modifications or cancellations.

Members who paid registrations directly with Freightliner for Camp Freightliner will need to contact Freightliner directly.

James Peek
President FCOC


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